f. Level 4: 10KAT - ICD-10-CM Knowledge Assessment Test

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You get this exam for 15 days so test away! Take as many times as you want or need to improve your accuracy and speed. Before you go take your HCS-D exam ensure you are ready by taking this challenging 80 question coding exam.

The CodeProU 10-KAT is an online, on-demand ICD-10-CM test specifically created for home health clincians and coders. CodeProU 10-KAT is a great way to access your knowledge of ICD-10-CM!

  • Are you self-taught on ICD-10?
  • Receive ICD-10 training from a source other than CodeProU?
  • Completed your ICD-10 training a while ago…but not sure how much you remember?
  • Ready to test yourself before taking an ICD-10 certification exam?

Agency administrators…the CodeProU 10KAT is perfect as a pre-hire test!

All the quiz questions and patient coding scenarios have been revised and enhanced for 2018. They reflect the changes in the code set and the latest coding guidance. Additional emphasis has been placed on additional coding scenarios so individuals will have an opportunity to gauge both their general knowledge of ICD-10-CM AND how they apply that knowledge to solve real-world coding challenges.

About CodePro University 10KAT - ICD-10-CM Knowledge Assessment Test

  • The online test is comprised of eighty [80] questions.
  • Each test is randomly generated – created from a pool of 350+ questions.
  • Questions are presented in a combination of T/F, Y/N and Multiple Choice.
  • A successful passing rate is 80% and higher.
  • Unsuccessful attempt(s) allow for multiple retake(s) of the test anytime during the access period.
  • Upon passing a test successfully, no further testing is allowed unless a test reset option is also ordered*
    • *This order option permits a test reset - a second testing opportunity following your first successful test.
    • For HCS-D preparation Lisa suggests: take your first test untimed. Take your second test timed.
  • You will require use of a current ICD-10-CM Code Book during with this practice test.

As you start, an 80-question test will be randomly generated and displayed in your internet browser. As long as your device remains powered and your browser open to the test, you may pause at any time for a break(s) and continue answering questions upon your return. There is no time limit imposed upon you for completion of the test.

All test questions displayed on your screen and the answers you select are temporarily maintained within your device while you are testing. There is no communication with the HCIN Learning Gateway during your test. Click Submit when you have completed the test and are ready to submit the test for grading. Your test is then reviewed within your device to ensure all questions are answered.

  • If unanswered questions are found: A dialog box with red type will show the number of unanswered questions found. You will have the ability to return to the test to complete unanswered questions or to submit the test with unanswered questions.
  • If no unanswered questions are found: A dialog box with normal type will inform you that there are no unanswered questions. At this point you may return to the test or submit the test to the HCIN Learning Gateway.

Upon submission, your test will be graded and a test results page will be displayed. Questions you answered incorrectly will be displayed along with your answer, the correct answer, and where applicable, a rationale statement. Before closing the test results page you are able to save or print the page for additional reference.

Individual Subscription Type - Duration Options & Fees: Individual subscriptions allow:

  • access to the registered user
  • access to the test 24/7 from home and office