Hospice Improving Clinical Documentation

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To meet increased demands of ICD-10 coding, you must understand the specific documentation points necessary to support CMS requirements, reimbursement case-mix points, and documentation changes. Awards 2 Nursing contact hours.

This online rich-media program provides over 2 hours of viewable training in 2 (2) program segments. Each segment contains one or more embedded quizzes that engage viewers while the overall program quizzes reinforce learning. At the conclusion of the training program a post-test captures overall comprehension of the training allowing viewers, supervisors and management to measure results. Embedded quizzes, a program evaluation and cumulative post-test 


Individual Subscription Type - Duration Options & Fees: Individual subscriptions allow:

  • access to the registered user
  • access to the training 24/7 from home and office
  • access and viewing an unlimited number of times during the subscription period