c. OASIS D Update

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A comprehensive online, on-demand training series for OASIS-D. It's ideal for home health clinicians and home health coders who have already had training in OASIS. This training concentrates on new items and guidance under OASIS D.


12.75 Nursing CE Hours

12 HCS-O CEU Hours

12.75 CEU Hours for Administrators & Alternate Administrators



  • L1 Overview
  • L3 Conventions

Clinical Record Items

  • L1: M1000-M1021/M1023
  • L6: M0100 RFA 9 Discharge, RN Completing DC OASIS, Unplanned Discharge Living Arrangements

Patient History & Diagnoses

  • L1: M1000-M1021/M1023
  • L2: M1028-M1030
  • L3: M1041/M1046-M1060

Integumentary Status

  • L1: Stage 1-4 Pressure Ulcers
  • L2: M1307, M1306, M1311
  • L3: M1311 at Discharge, Flaps, Grafts, Debridement, Revised QM
  • L4: M1322, M1324
  • L5: M1330, M1332, Mixed Arterial and Venous Disease, Stasis Ulcer
  • L6: M1340 Surgical Wound
  • L7: M1342, Healing Status


  • L1: Conventions Specifics, Bedfast Defined
  • L2: M1800 Grooming, M1810/M1820
  • L3: M1830 Bathing
  • L4: M1840 Toilet Transferring, M1845 Toileting Hygiene
  • L5: M1850 Transferring
  • L6: M1860 Ambulation/Locomotion, M1870 Feeding or Eating
  • L7: Falls - M1910, J1800, J1900


Functional (GG items)

  • L1: Functional Abilities & Goals, Time Points, Conventions, GG0100, GG0110
  • L2: GG0130 and GG0170, 88 vs 01, 07, GG0130 Self-care SOC/ROC, GG0130A Eating (31 min)
  • L3: Lower body and footwear, Response specific instructions, GG0130 and GG0170 Goal (19 min)
  • L4: GG0130 Self-care at follow up and discharge, response specific instructions at discharge, GG0170 Mobility at Follow up and DC, GG0170a-e and M1850 (18 min)
  • L5: GG0170F, GG00170G, GG0170I-L, GG0170M-S, Functional QM (22 min)"""


  • L1: Measure Calculations, M2001, M2003, M2005, DRR Quality Measure
  • L2: M2010, M2016, M2020
  • L3: M2030