b. OASIS D for Field Clinicians

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OASIS training that is designed specifically for field Clinicians. This is the class to take if you are preparing for the HCS-O certification and you are familiar with OASIS.  this does not include the timepoints. 


15.0 HCS-O Hours

15.75 Nursing Contact Hours

15.75 Administrator Hours



  • L1 Overview
  • L3 Conventions

Clinical Record Items

  • M0102, M0104, M1005, M0110
  • Patient History & Diagnoses
  • L1: M1000-M1021/M1023
  • L2: M1028-M1030
  • L3: M1041/M1046-M1060

Living Arrangements

  • M1100
  • Sensory Status
  • M1200, M1242

Integumentary Status

  • L1: Stage 1-4 Pressure Ulcers
  • L2: M1307, M1306, M1311
  • L3: M1311 at Discharge, Flaps, Grafts, Debridement, Revised QM
  • L4: M1322, M1324
  • L5: M1330, M1332, Mixed Arterial and Venous Disease, Stasis Ulcer
  • L6: M1340 Surgical Wound
  • L7: M1342, Healing Status


  • L1: Conventions Specifics, Bedfast Defined
  • L2: M1800 Grooming, M1810/M1820
  • L3: M1830 Bathing
  • L4: M1840 Toilet Transferring, M1845 Toileting Hygiene
  • L5: M1850 Transferring
  • L6: M1860 Ambulation/Locomotion, M1870 Feeding or Eating
  • L7: Falls - M1910, J1800, J1900

Functional (GG items)

  • L1: Functional Abilities & Goals, Time Points, Conventions, GG0100, GG0110
  • L2: GG0130 and GG0170, 88 vs 01, 07, GG0130 Self-care SOC/ROC, GG0130A Eating (31 min)
  • L3: Lower body and footwear, Response specific instructions, GG0130 and GG0170 Goal (19 min)
  • L4: GG0130 Self-care at follow up and discharge, response specific instructions at discharge, GG0170 Mobility at Follow up and DC, GG0170a-e and M1850 (18 min)
  • L5: GG0170F, GG00170G, GG0170I-L, GG0170M-S, Functional QM (22 min)"""


  • L1: Measure Calculations, M2001, M2003, M2005, DRR Quality Measure
  • L2: M2010, M2016, M2020
  • L3: M2030

Care Management & Therapy Need

  • M2102-M2200

Emergent Care & Discharge

  • M2301-M2310, M2401-M2420


  • M1400


  • M1600-1630

Neuro, Emotional, and Behavioral

  • M1700-1745